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Upholstery Press
Upholstery Press
Cushion on Upholstery Press
Before and After Pew Reupholstery
BEFORE reupholstery
AFTER reupholstery

We have specialized in PEW upholstery since 1986!

At your request, we will come to your church and inspect the pews to see if it is practical to reupholster them. The pews should be structurally sound and the finish should be in good condition.

We have custom made pew upholstery presses that we can bring to your church and do the upholstery work there! In many cases, this allows the church to continue services without disruption. We can also do the work at our factory if you prefer. The presses stretch the fabric and compress the foam while the stapling is done. The benefit to you is a tight, even, and comfortable upholstery job.

We use only top grade foam and fabric. The foam provides the maximum comfort and durability. Our fabric is heavy, commercial grade with Teflon coating for stain resistance. We use only fabric that has been proven over time to be suitable for pews.

Pew reupholstery can be done for a lower price than pews in most cases. Normally the price is 1/4 to 3/8 the amount for new pews.

About Our Upholstery Press and Process: 

  • Presses are portable

  • Old fabric is removed

  • Old foam is removed

  • New lumbar shaped foam is glued to wood

  • Fabric is stretched and foam compressed while staple work is being done 

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